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What is Asset Finance?

Thames Valley Asset Finance aims to provide effective, tax efficient and cash flow structured funding solutions including plant refinance and finance as well as financing options for machinery, equipment and more. From Construction Finance, Print Finance, Chattel Mortgage and Business Car Finance, we have developed a comprehensive suite of Asset Finance products that bring the maximum benefits to your business.

Here, we try to answer any questions you might have about Asset Finance and the options available to your business, but if you'd like to talk through the options available to your company, contact us today.

What is asset finance?
Whenever your business need to acquire an item or items of capital equipment such as vehicles, equipment, machinery or other identifiable assets, Asset Finance can help.

As a loan facility that is secured against the asset, Asset Finance can help your business:

  • Fund expansion
  • Replace existing equipment that has become costly to run/obsolete
  • Acquire vehicles or equipment required to service a contract with a particular customer
The finance company providing your funding facility will continue to take a financial interest or 'lien' over your asset until the loan is repaid. If you have an Asset Finance requirement or you would like to know more about how different schemes can work for your business, contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance.
What determines if an Asset can be financed?
To qualify for Asset Finance, an item of capital equipment should be 'DIMS' or

  • Durable
  • Identifiable
  • Moveable
  • Saleable
In simple terms you should be able to see, touch and move the asset for it to be suitable for Vehicle, Equipment or Asset Finance offered by TVAF. Visit our Case Studies to find out more about the types of Asset Finance Leasing available, such as construction finance and print finance.
What are the different types of Assets that Thames Valley Asset Finance fund?
As long as an asset meets the DIMS criteria (see above), there is every likelihood that we can finance it. Here are some of the more typical assets we help our clients secure finance for:

  • Motor cars
  • Light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
  • Heavy commercial vehicles (HGVs)
  • Trailers
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Agricultural Equipment (tractors, combine harvesters)
  • Computer Hardware
  • Printing equipment (including printing presses and finishing/binding equipment)
  • Engineering equipment (CNC lathes/mills, metal fabrication equipment)
  • Wood working lathes
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Catering equipment
  • Furniture
  • Marine and aviation craft for business and private use
Other miscellaneous items can also be financed such as software and office refurbishment. However, due to the unsecured nature of such equipment, Asset Finance is usually only available to businesses that have a strong trading history (i.e. robust cash flow and a strong balance sheet) or where additional security is pledged.

If your business is looking to finance any assets which are not included above, please contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance and discover a range of additional Asset Finance solutions designed to help you, such as construction finance and print finance.
Why should my business use TVAF Asset Finance?
There are some very good reasons for commercial and corporate trading companies to use Asset Finance. The right financial facility can help your business:

  • Fund the cost of your asset for the duration of its working life
  • Fund your business expansion (acquisition of a competitor, organic growth)
  • Preserve your bank/working capital facilities for day to day trading (never use an overdraft to fund long life assets)
  • Become more tax efficient
  • Spread the cost of VAT over the term of the agreement ties, thus assisting cash-flow
  • Re-finance existing assets (unencumbered), releasing monies to be used for expansion or acquisition costs
Thames Valley Asset Finance offers everything from Chattel Mortgage to Business Car Finance, with a comprehensive range of asset finance solutions designed for all UK businesses.
What type of businesses and business sectors can use Asset Finance?
Thames Valley Asset Finance can arrange Asset Finance facilities for sole traders, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Limited Companies and PLCs. This extends to certain charities, educational bodies (schools) and company directors purchasing cars in their own personal name for tax (benefit in kind) purposes.

TVAF provides finance for businesses operating in many different sectors to include but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Coach Hire
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Engineering
  • Equipment sales
  • Food preparation/production
  • Haulage
  • Hotel & Tourism
  • IT
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical & Scientific
  • Plant Hire
  • Printing
  • Recycling
  • Telecoms
  • Transport
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Warehousing
  • Waste disposal
Still not sure if Asset Finance is suitable for your business?
Simply call us today on 0333 1212 400 and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can provide the right financial facility for your business needs, whether it be construction finance, print finance or more.
What information do I need provide to secure approval for Asset Finance?
Once you have identified what Assets your business needs to purchase, we will normally ask you for the following information to find you a suitable Asset Finance facility:

  • Set of last statutory accounts
  • Management accounts and/or latest bank statements
  • Background on the business and its directors
  • Full details of the equipment being purchased and the supplier(s)
  • Rationale for the Asset purchase (why is the business investing in new plant/machinery?)
Where the transaction is for a modest amount (typically under 10,000) or for a standard asset (e.g. a motor car or light commercial vehicle) the process is simpler and finance can be secured quickly via a telephone call (and with the provision of much less information). For larger loans and more complex transactions a full in depth proposal may be required, this often means a site visit by TVAF to see the business and its owners.

If your business needs to move quickly, simply contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance to find out how we can help you secure the Asset Finance you need, fast.
Who are TVAF's lenders?
As Asset Finance Brokers, we are appointed agents and authorised introducers to more than 20 UK finance houses. Many of these are well known high street names, while others are smaller niche finance houses, often privately owned. With access to such a wide range of lenders, Thames Valley Asset Finance is in the best possible position to secure you the right Vehicle, Equipment, Asset, Print and Construction Finance solutions for your business needs.
Can TVAF finance new start businesses?
While we are keen to help businesses of every size, Thames Valley Asset Finance works with lenders who are more stringent in their approach. To ensure success, you will need to support your request with a strong business plan and consider other suitable security unless the equipment or vehicles being purchased already offer this.
Can TVAF assist businesses that have had prior trading difficulties?
In many cases, we can help with your Asset Finance even if you have experienced prior trading difficulties - provided the equipment or vehicles being financed offer suitable security, and the lender can see a deposit and you can demonstrate a clear ability to repay. Guarantees and indemnities or other security may also be required, but if you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible for Asset Finance, simply contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance to find out more.
What size of loan can TVAF arrange?
With no set parameters on the financial facility available, we judge each businesses requirement on merit. As a guide, our minimum transaction size is 10,000 and our average Asset Finance loan is 50,000. However, we do finance over 10 million of Assets each year, and we have recently completed Asset Finance transactions as large as 500k on sizeable items of equipment and machinery.

View our asset finance case studies (including case studies about Coach Finance and Construction Equipment Finance for further details on how TVAF can help secure Asset Finance for your company.
Can TVAF raise finance against Assets already owned by my business?
Thames Valley Asset Finance offers everything from Chattel Mortgage to Business Car Finance, for the Vehicle, Equipment and Financial Asset requirements of UK businesses.
What if my company has an ongoing capital equipment acquisition program?
Many of our clients have a requirement to purchase plant and machinery throughout their trading year, particularly in the vehicle, construction and plant hire sectors. TVAF provides the Asset Finance solutions to your business, ensuring that you always have credit lines readily available that meet your ongoing capital equipment needs.
Can TVAF help me with a credit line?
As Asset Finance Brokers, we are in the best position to deliver you an arrangement which extends credit for a time period that suits you. Contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance to discuss you Asset Finance needs.
What type of Asset Finance facility is suitable for my business?
There are a number of finance facilities that we offer, everything from Hire Purchase, Finance Lease and Operating Lease, to Chattel Mortgages and Business Car Finance. Tax implications and accounting treatment of the asset (on- or off-balance sheet) vary accordingly. By consulting your company accountants or auditors, we will ensure that your Asset Finance is structured in the way that best suits your business.
Can't find the answer you are looking for?
If you can find the answer you are looking for below, simply contact us at Thames Valley Asset Finance and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Ready to talk about what Thames Valley Asset Finance can do for your business?

Simply contact Thames Asset Valley Finance UK and let’s talk about how we can help you make your Asset purchases with confidence. Alternatively, you can find out more about TVAF the Asset Finance Brokers and the complete range of financial facilities we offer, including everything from Chattel Mortgage to Business Car Finance. Or, why not view our case studies about asset finance, such as Coach Finance and Construction Equipment Finance, or even find the answers to your Sale and Leaseback Finance questions.

Thames Valley Asset Finance – specialists in Vehicle, Equipment and Asset Finance solutions.
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As Asset Finance Brokers, Thames Valley Asset Finance provides Asset, Vehicle and Equipment Finance solutions for UK businesses in the Commercial and Corporate sectors, including hire purchase, vendor finance, machinery finance, sale and leaseback, engineering finance.

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