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Business Car Finance In Berkshire.

Thames Valley Asset Finance has developed a comprehensive suite of Asset Finance products, to provide UK businesses with effective, tax efficient and cash flow structured funding solutions for the purchase of vehicles, equipment, plant and/or machinery. Whether you are looking for a Chattel Mortgage or Business Car Finance, TVAF has access to a comprehensive range of Asset Based Finance solutions and affiliations with over twenty of the UK’s leading finance houses.

Bringing over 25 years’ experience, we arrange Vehicle, Equipment and Asset Finance solutions for a diverse range of commercial and corporate businesses every year. Want to know how Thames Valley Asset Finance can help your business? To see a selection of our recent Asset Finance transactions view our case studies, including ones about Coach Finance and Construction Equipment Finance.

The most popular types of finance are outlined below, if you are still unsure what asset finance your business needs whether it is equipment finance , business car finance or machinery finance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the most suitable finance facility for your business.

Hire Purchase
As the traditional method of acquiring capital equipment, Hire Purchase is still the most popular choice for many UK businesses. The asset is capitalised in the balance sheet with your business taking the risks and rewards of ownership. The title in the asset rests with the lender until the loan is repaid. By enabling the asset cost to be spread over a period of time, your working capital is preserved.

Find out more about Hire Purchase.
Lease Purchase
As a similar option to Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase is again an on-balance sheet facility. The key difference is that the repayment of the loan is structured around the perceived future value of the vehicle or the equipment and/or the cash flow of your business. For example the repayments can be calculated around the seasonality of your business or the capital element of your loan can be deferred until the end of the finance agreement, thus reducing the loan repayments (often called a balloon payment).

Find out more about Lease Purchase.
Finance Lease
As a hire contract between the lender (the lessor) for vehicles or equipment over an agreed period of time (the hire period), a Finance Lease is a funding facility that allows a client full use of an asset without actually gaining title. The motivation for using a finance lease can be for many reasons, primarily tax benefits or the cash flow advantage due to the treatment of the VAT on the lease rentals. (i.e. the VAT is spread over the term of the lease unlike Hire Purchase).
Operating Lease
As with a Finance Lease, this is a hire contract, Acquiring a business car or equipment in this way is not viewed as capital expenditure. offering the major benefit that this is often treated as off-balance sheet, a cosmetic manoeuvre that does not affect the gearing of your business. At the end of the lease you can choose from a number of options including extending the hire period or returning the asset to the lease provider.
Contract Hire
Contract Hire is another form of hire contract that is typically used to finance the acquisition of new cars and light commercial business cars. It acts as a contract between the lease company providing the customer with the use of the vehicle for a fixed length of time or hire period. The benefit to you is that you will experience none of the risks associated with ownership, and you can simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the contract duration. Rental costs paid each month can also include the provision of road fund licence, tyres and routine servicing. Furthermore, your lease payments are calculated around the future re-sale value of the motor vehicle and a stipulated contractual mileage (e.g. 15,000 miles per annum).
Sale and Leaseback
Sale and Leaseback is a popular way of releasing money back into a business quickly by refinancing the business car or equipment they already own. With a transaction structure that is similar to a Finance Lease, Sale and Leaseback serves as a common method for raising monies to fund expansion, product development and acquisitions/mergers.

Find out more about Sale and Leaseback.
Chattel Mortgage
A Chattel Mortgage is a loan secured by a charge over the asset being funded. This facility is useful when you wish to own the asset but a purchase facility cannot be entered into. This type of Asset Finance is not suitable for motor vehicles and small items of plant equipment because of the way the loan is secured.
Premium Funding
Premium Funding is available to a range of professional bodies, such as Accountants, Architects and Legal practices. It allows the annual cost of a firm’s Professional Indemnity Insurance to be funded via a loan facility, usually available for periods of up to twelve months. By spreading the cost of the insurance premium over the businesses full financial year the facility can preserve cash flow for your business.
Vehicle Leasing and Procurement
Thames Valley Asset Finance also offers a full vehicle leasing and procurement program through its sister business THW Leasing. To find out more and view the latest offers, call 0844 561 7428 or visit

Ready to talk about what Thames Valley Asset Finance can do for your business?

Simply contact Thames Asset Valley Finance UK and let’s talk about how we can help you make your Asset purchases with confidence. Alternatively, you can find out more about TVAF the Asset Finance Brokers and the complete range of financial facilities we offer, including everything from Chattel Mortgages to Business Car Finance. Or, why not view our case studies about asset finance, such as Coach Finance or Construction Equipment Finance, or even find the answers to your Sale and Leaseback Finance questions.

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