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Release the cash in your
unpaid invoices

Invoice Finance solutions from Thames Valley Asset Finance

Cash-flow finance allows you to release the money that you have locked up in your unpaid invoices, enabling you to grow your business. Generating additional sales and hopefully greater profits alone is unlikely to help a business expand and meet demand. Indeed, further factors have to be taken into consideration such as the demands on your cash-flow and working capital.

Increased orders for your goods and services will create pressure in other areas, you may need to purchase more stock, order more raw materials or employ additional staff. It is likely that all these costs will have to be met before you get paid by your customers.

Unlike a traditional bank overdraft facility (which is for a fixed sum), Invoice Finance will grow in line with your sales (because each invoice is individually financed as you raise it).

So how does cash-flow finance work?
Step One   Your business supplies goods or services to
your customer
Step Two   Your raise your sales invoice for the supply of
those goods or services
Step Three   Copies of your invoices are provided to the cash-flow funder (these are normally only required if an invoice is over a certain pre-agreed value).
Step Four   The invoice finance provider advances you a percentage of the value of each invoice raised (typically 80-90%)
Step Five   The balance of your invoice is paid to you (less any fees and interest charges), once your customer settles the invoice
Invoice Finance is more frequently referred to as Factoring or Invoice Discounting, they are similar (in that they provide cash against your unpaid invoices) but there are some key differences.

Primarily, with factoring the factor (the lender) collects the customer payments on your behalf, whereas with Invoice Discounting you maintain the relationship with your customers and handle your own credit control. Factoring is typically better for small and growing businesses (to include new start-ups), or those businesses that perhaps do not have their own credit control department.
How much does invoice finance cost?
The costs involved will vary depending on a number of factors, these include;
  • Size of your sales ledger
  • Average invoice value
  • Number of invoices
  • Turnover
  • Type of facility required
How quickly can Thames Valley Asset Finance set up an invoice finance facility?
The timescales will depend upon the complexity of your business but for a straight forward facility we can often arrange something in 5-7 days. Typically a new factoring or invoice discounting requirement would take approximately two weeks.
How do I choose the right cash-flow finance provider?
There a number of factors to consider when choosing your invoice finance provider, these include;
  • What percentage of your invoices will be disapproved by the invoice finance provider?
  • Who will manage your account?
  • Will you have access to decision makers?
  • Will the invoice finance provider chase your debts for you?
  • What is the charging structure (and are there any hidden charges)?
  • Can the invoice finance provider manage complex or contractual debt?
Why should I use Thames Valley Asset Finance for my cash-flow finance needs?
  • We are a wholly independent cash-flow finance provider.
  • We work with over a dozen of the leading Factoring and Invoice Discounting providers, matching your requirements to the lender best placed to provide you with cash-flow and working capital.
  • We have direct access to bank owned and independent asset based lenders for your cash-flow finance.
  • We have our own "in house" auditor who can assess every clients invoice finance requirement and spot any potential strengths or weaknesses at the outset. As our auditor also has 25+ years of experience, Thames Valley Asset Finance can also quickly assess which factoring company or invoice discounting company is best placed to provide you with the right cash-flow finance solution.
Want to know more about Invoice Finance?
If you would like to find our more about any aspect of cash-flow finance, financing your customer invoices, invoice factoring or invoice discounting please contact us. Alternatively, complete the on-line enquiry form and we will be in touch with you immediately.
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