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To the Autumn 2014 edition of our Newsletter. Read on to find out our views on the Asset Finance market place here in the UK.
Business confidence certainly appears to have returned and there are two good barometers of this. Firstly the housing market appears to have turned a corner and secondly the number of business owners talking to our Fast Car Finance team and trading up to new or newer motor cars suggests a "feel good" factor is returning. The positive bounce in the housing market is significant in that it impacts on so many trades to include; construction, skilled labour and of course the wider financial services sector of which TVAF is a part of. The larger UK house builders all have a significant number of sub-contractors on their books and these businesses are now seeing increased orders. One note of caution though, for many SMEs we are engaging with, debtor days are still of concern and whilst turnover may be rising, cash and working capital remains an issue for many.

Our own business has seen a 20% increase in new business written over the last twelve months, with enquiries up across both our TVAF and FCF brands. The desire amongst business owners to invest in new plant and machinery seems to have gathered momentum, as does the need to replace cars with newer, more expensive luxury models. Of particular note is the demand for the Ferrari, Land Rover and Porsche marques, with demand at pre-recession levels.

On the flip side, our asset and equipment re-finance products such as sale & HP back still create significant interest among business owners. The ability to raise cash against undervalued and unencumbered equipment has not gone away and many of our lenders are still active in this sector of the market.

In this latest edition of our newsletter, we also review a couple of our recent larger transaction successes. In addition, please enjoy the feature on peer to peer lending, an area that we have seen both significant demand and growth in during 2014. We trust you find this latest newsletter informative and look forward to working further with our clients, existing partners and new introducers through the remainder of 2014 and beyond. If you have not yet had experience of dealing with us, please do get in touch.

Andy WiseAndy

Andy Wise, Director
Thames Valley Asset Finance Limited
Icon Recent case studies
Case study one
TVAF raises £450k for client to fit-out new offices

Case studyTVAF was recently approached by a local firm of Accountants acting for a £25M turnover consultancy business. The Directors of the business were acquiring new build premises through their pension fund, giving a need to "fit-out" the shell. The total costs involved were some £750k and whilst the pension fund was able to meet some of the costs, it still left a shortfall. TVAF quickly identified that a large number of items on the schedule of works could be funded on some form of asset finance facility.

The issue was of course complicated by the fact that none of the assets within the build schedule really had any intrinsic value to them. They were all "unsecured" and offered the lenders little or no tangible security.

We approached several lenders with the proposal and were able to secure a funding solution for the full £445k by splitting the transaction.

An initial £150k was secured by way of an unsecured "peer to peer" loan, with four traditional asset finance houses then facilitating soft asset loans for the balance.

This included a £125k Hire Purchase facility with Aldermore Bank for the office furniture, a £90k lease facility for fixtures and fittings and two smaller loans for items such as alarms, CCTV and access control.
Case study two
Stonemasons secures grant funding via TVAF

When TVAF was recently approached by an existing client looking to invest in new machinery for their factory, we were only too keen to try and help.

The business (a high class stonemasons), wanted to purchase a new saw and a new laser cutting machine, the combined costs being some £150,000 ex VAT.

After meeting the client and understanding "why" the need to invest in new machinery our challenge was to then find a lender that could provide an offer of finance on suitable terms.

As with any Hire Purchase or Leasing transaction a cash deposit was required from the client and working capital was tight. An approach to Five Arrows Business Finance revealed that the business may be eligible for a grant via the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) and after assessing the client's business, the grant was duly approved and an offer of finance made.

The finance offer was made in such a way that the RGF Grant contributed half of the finance deposit, the benefit to the customer was thus two fold;

1. He only had to find half the deposit monies from cash-flow
2. Enabled him to order and take delivery of the equipment more quickly than may otherwise have been the case
Icon Peer to peer lending - An alternative to bank funding?
Most of our introducers are by now well aware that we can arrange asset, equipment and vehicle finance loans for business and personal clients but did you know that we now also provide unsecured commercial loans of up to £200,000 for UK businesses?

We are able to offer this facility utilising the ever growing popularity of "peer to peer" (P2P) lending. Put simply, lenders (often private individuals) are connected to potential borrowers, typically via some form of on-line trading platform. TVAF was recently asked to write an article on the subject. The blog on our website will give you a greater insight into this increasingly popular method of raising finance.

Thames Valley Asset Finance has concluded a number of P2P loans over the course of 2014, examples include;

A £200,000 loan for an independent motor dealer to use for car stocking (replacing a more expensive facility he already had in existence)
A £100,000 loan for a growing vehicle rental business, the funds were used to aide a premises move, undertake a rebranding exercise, with the balance used to fund deposits on new vehicle purchases
A £150,000 loan to assist with the fit-out of newly acquired freehold premises acquired by a Director through his pension fund

Our P2P loan product is ideally suited to the following types of business

Partnerships, Limited Companies and LLPs
Trading 3+ years
Profitable and with no significant adverse credit

For all Peer to peer enquiries contact us on 0333 1212 400 or
Icon Invoice Finance
A number of our professional intermediaries have asked us about our ability to offer Invoice Finance solutions, I am pleased to advise that we can now offer this service alongside our existing portfolio. We have developed close working relationships with a number of both bank owned and independent discounters and factors. These strategic partnerships enable us to now offer both Factoring and Invoice Discounting solutions to SMEs.

Our website has been updated to reflect this and here you will find further details on how your clients can release cash in unpaid invoices.

Our initial thanks go to Bibby Financial Services, Gener8 Finance, Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, Lloyds Commercial Finance and RBS Invoice Finance for their help and guidance in further developing our suite of commercial finance products.
Icon Summary
Our business is now entering its ninth year of trading, something we could not have done without the huge support we have had from our many introducers and clients, many of whom we see return to us time and time again. Thames Valley Asset Finance now has over twenty lenders on our panel, lenders that are able to provide funding across almost all industry sectors. We can arrange vehicle and equipment finance for new start-ups, distressed businesses, and those looking to make acquisition(s). This is in addition to our longstanding ability to offer asset finance to established trading companies, those that simply need additional or new asset funding lines (perhaps where their existing "own bank" asset finance line is capped).

We provide vehicle and equipment finance on new and used assets from £10,000 to £1 million. We also have significant appetite for undertaking asset re-finance, in particular where a client has traditional "oil dripping" assets that are perhaps undervalued on a balance sheet (and/or are free of existing HP/Lease Finance). With many SMEs still seeing working capital facilities (i.e. bank overdraft) eroded by their clearing bank, the re-financing of assets to release cash into a business is often a quick and convenient way to ease cash flow pressures or raise additional cash for expansion. If you are keen to understand more about the range of vehicle, equipment & asset finance solutions that TVAF can organise, please contact Andy Wise on 07787 551174 or Steve Kayll on 07770 847457.

If you are an individual or business requiring help on any aspect of asset, equipment or motor finance then we look forward to hearing from you. Similarly, we continue to welcome enquiries from bank relationship managers, factors, invoice discounters, suppliers and professional intermediaries who are seeking advice and support in organising asset or vehicle finance facilities for their clients.

Thank you for reading this latest edition of our newsletter, as ever if you do not wish to be on copy of future publications, please let us know by telephoning us on 0333 1212 400 or e-mailing

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September 2014
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